Thursday, June 4, 2009

Colorado Bound

Recently, our "band" here in Tokyo starting playing around with writing a song called "Colorado Bound." The coolest thing is...the song is now coming true.

We will be heading to the airport in about two hours to board a plane headed for San Francisco. After a few days (and a few blogs I'm sure) in California, we're off to Colorado for the rest of June. Then, it's Tennessee, Minnesota, Iowa, and Indiana before we turn right around in mid-August and return for another school year in Tokyo.

This morning, I had to ride the train since we'll be leaving from school and I couldn't leave my bike there. Fortunately, I had one final capstone experience that I had strangely been looking forward to all year but had never come to pass.

Before coming to Japan last fall, we watched a horrifying video of white-gloved men shoving helpless Tokyoites onto jam-packed trains. Well, this morning, two such guys had to shove me on the train and help close the train doors for my three minute train trek across the river! I know, that's not an experience many people would want to have, but it was one thing I'd been warned about before coming and never actually experienced personally. My life is now complete.

We'll have a few more belated blogs about recent Japan happenings to come soon, and we'll be reformatting the site this summer, so keep in touch and we can't wait to see many of you in the next month or two.

-Brad & Rachael

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